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Assistant Estate Manager / Cadet


All aspects of management of oil palm plantation including but not limited to:

1) Implementing & maintaining good agricultural practices.

2) Management & motivation of staff and workers.

3) Cost budgeting, control & monitoring.

4) Modernisation of estate work practices, including awareness and knowledge on MSPO/RSPO.

5) Responsible for day to day estate operations.

6) Manage all phases of working including harvesting, maintenance, manurings, production quality and etc.

7) Ensure operational efficiency of worker management.

8) Ensure companies KPIs are met.



1) Able to effectively communicate & motivate staff/workers.

2) Able to plan & implement work arrangement to achieve goals & targets.

3) Required languages: Bahasa Malaysia & English. Knowledge of local dialects will be an added advantage.

4) At least 6 years working experience in the related field is required for this position.

5) Willing to be relocated at Beluran, Sandakan.

Location: Sapi Nangoh, Beluran, Sandakan

Field Supervisor


All aspects of management of oil palm plantation including but not limited to:

1) Assign/Supervise day to day works to general workers & contractor workers.

2) Plan and record all day to day works and monitor for completion at the end of each day.

3) Allocate and arrange workers and machineries for field operation.

4) Check to ensure that every field operation is carried out correctly.

5) Coach and train general workers and contractor workers on field operation.

6) Collect and compile relevant information for management.

7) Report to the management on the progress of work on daily basis.



1) Able to effectively communicate & motivate workers.

2) Able to plan & implement work arrangement to achieve goals & targets.

3) Required languages: Bahasa Malaysia & English. Knowledge of local dialects will be an added advantage.

4) At least 2 years working experience in the related field is required for this position.

5) Willing to be relocated at Beluran, Sandakan.

Location: Sapi Nangoh, Beluran, Sandakan

Estate Clerk / Office Assistant


1) As administer in Estate office
2) Act as receiption in the Estate Office
3) To prepare and draft letters as instructed by Estate Manager
4) Compile and file all necessary documents systematically 
5) Protect & safeguard of all document and letters kept in Estate office
7) To observe the staff discipline, attendance & attitude
8) To assist in explaining to all the staff policies and procedures of the Company
9) To perform duties as instructed by Estate Manager
10)Handling & monitor monthly worker checkroll before submit to HQ

Requirement :-

1) Possess at least SPM or any equivalent
2) At least 1 year experience in related field
3) Computer literacy 
4) Speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia & English given advantages

Location: Estate located in Sapi Nangoh, Beluran

Security Guard



1) Possessed at least PMR or its equivalent

2) Must Have minimum 2 years working experience in the related field

3) Positive work attitude, punctual, reliable and responsible

4) Required languages : Bahasa Malaysia & English. Knowledge of local dialects will be an added advantage.

5) Security Stattion at Sapi Nangoh


GIS Executive

Responsibilities :-

1) Plan to organise for GPS mapping in the Estate..

2) Perform GPS mapping in the Estate.

3) Process GPS field data and produce GPS map for management.

4) Update latest GPS Mapping & GIS database for management.

5) Collaborate with Estate Management in precision agricultural management.

6) Consolidate the overall GPS mapping and data for management.

7) Verify the works (in area) claimed by contractors.

8) To perform duties as instructed by General Manager / Estate Manager.



1) Possess at least Diploman in Agriculture or any equivalent.
2) 3 years experience in related field

Location: Sapi Nangoh, Beluran